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“When I tell people that my child goes to a charter school, and they say, “what’s that?” I tell them that my child is getting a private school education for free…”
Terrika Tarrance, Douglass Academy Kindergarten Parent

The Roger Bacon Academy has:

  • Two of the top Three elementary schools in Brunswick county
  • The school with Highest academic growth in Columbus county
  • Nine-time National Champion Cheer Squad
  • Eight-time State Champion Archery program
  • NC Department of Labor OSHA Awarded Campuses for Safety

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Charter Day School, K-8
Leland, NC

Scored 15.4 Percentage points higher than Brunswick county on End-of-Grade Tests

80 wooded acres, 12 minutes west of Wilmington off H74

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Columbus Charter School, K-8
Whiteville, NC

Scored 9.3 Percentage points higher than Columbus county and 10.8 Percentage points higher than Bladen county on End-of-Grade tests

150 acre campus, 10 minutes north of Whiteville off Old Lumberton Road

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Douglass Academy, K-5
Wilmington, NC

Averaged 9.14 Percentage points higher than neighboring schools on End-of-Grade tests

The historic Peabody building in the heart of downtown Wilmington

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South Brunswick Charter, K-5
Southport, NC

Scored 21.5 Percentage points higher than Brunswick county on End-of-Grade tests

45 acres, 1 mile south of H211, halfway between Shallotte and Southport

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