IN THE NEWS: Roger Bacon founder says busing not answer

In The News

Baker Mitchell with Douglass Academy student at the school's annual Kindergarten "I Can Read" ceremony

Baker Mitchell with Douglass Academy student at the school’s annual Kindergarten “I Can Read” ceremony

In an OpEd printed Monday, August, 22, 2016 in the Wilmington StarNews, RBA Founder Baker Mitchell advises New Hanover County Schools Superintendent Tim Markely against his forced busing proposal for low-income, high-minority schools.

Our client school, Douglass Academy, provides an important case study on the achievement possible for low-income and minority students in Wilmington’s inner-city.

“Why is this black, low-income, tuition-free public charter school scoring two or three times better than its adjacent, better-funded schools?”

Read Baker Mitchell’s OpEd in the StarNews:

Further Reading:

The following 2016 report reveals that in North Carolina, 12 of 13 student demographic categories pass a higher percentage of End-of-Grade (EOG) tests at public charter schools than at traditional public schools. For example– and mirroring the trend at Douglass Academy discussed above–  low-income students pass 50% of their EOG tests in NC public charter schools versus 42 % in NC traditional public schools.


Douglass Academy info:

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